Happy birthday Charlotte😁❤️❤️love youuuu @charlotte.osborne And plus thank you soooo much for coming to this school with me, it’s so much better with you in it👍😘👑💁😂😂xxxxx
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There’s no point listening to the sound on this, it’s literally just mum saying I looked stupid and lie shutting her up😂 I do look really awkward in this video but I am not doing it again hahaha we were on holss so that’s why I’m in a bikini😂oh my god this is horrendous haha okay rant over-

Thanks for the nomination @kielash (love you sisss), I nominate @maddiestenberg @katysmith123 and @marellaprout 😁hahaha good luck😂😂😂 (at Albufeira, Portugal)